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Uniform Policy

Uniforms are required on all school days with the exception of designated school “Spirit Days”. On these special days, students will be allowed to dress in accordance to the special theme for that day (e.g.; Colonial Day, Gold Rush Day, or other school theme). Students may also wear their scout uniforms (Brownie, Cub, Girl, Camp Fire, etc.) on the days when they have meetings immediately following school. On Fridays, students may wear their “Spirit T-Shirts, Walk-A-Thon or School Group T-Shirts”. The pants, shorts, shirts and socks are available at any retail store but the girl’s plaid jumper and plaid skirt must be purchased at Merry Mart.  The PTA also sells spirit socks and spirit shirts.

Merry Mart Tel: 408.296.0423
You may also shop at any clothing store. (Macy’s, Target, etc.)


  • White or burgundy, long or short sleeved oxford (dress) style , polo shirt or turtleneck
  • (preferred) White, navy blue, burgundy or PTA sold spirit socks
  • (preferred) Burgundy, White or Navy blue sweater, vest or sweatshirt – Plain or Los Alamitos logo (available at MerryMart)
  • Sweatshirts may be worn inside or outside. If it is sweatshirt material - we prefer it be school colors
  • Navy blue uniform material slacks or shorts
  • Navy blue uniform material slacks, shorts, jumper, skirt, or “skort” (Skirt-Short)
  • Blue twill shorts, jumper, or skirt
  • Los Alamitos Plaid shorts, jumper, or skirt (available at MerryMart)

* Shoes may not be platforms, contain lights, or contain wheels.

Please DO NOT send your child to school wearing:

  • T-shirts
  • Oversized clothing (Please ensure clothing is proper fitting)
  • Cargo pants or shorts (e.g. garments with extra side pockets or multiple pockets)
  • Jackets from various professional sports teams (e.g. Raiders, 49ers, Sharks, Warriors, etc.)
  • Jewelry is not permitted - other than watches or stud earrings
  • Sweatpants*, stretch pants or leggings with lace or fishnet style leg stockings worn as outer wear
  • Sweats should not be worn as part of a boy scout or girl scout uniform
  • Open toed shoes or crocs

If you have questions on whether an item meets our uniform policy, please bring the item to office for approval prior to wearing. Students arriving at school with non- uniform items will be sent to the office and parents will be called to bring the correct uniform item.

Uniform Closet

Our PTA maintains a Uniform Closet near the cafeteria.  Donated uniforms are used as “loaners” if a student has a spill during the school day. We also have occasional uniform sales which are publicized in advance in the weekly Lion’s Roar.  If you are in need of a uniform or have uniform pieces to donate, please check with the school office.

Uniform Closet Current Prices:

All Plaid (skirts & jumpers)


Sweatshirts w/ Logo


Sweatshirts w/out, jackets and sweaters


Navy jumpers, skirts and skorts


All shirts






Prices are subject to change